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Why wait until payday? MyPay allows you to get paid when you want.

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Features You'll Love

No hidden fees, ever

You'll never find any hidden fees. Just straightforward, simple pricing.

Never any interest charges

We'll never charge you interest on the money you cash out.

Easy, automatic repayment

Your cash out amount is automatically repaid from you next paycheck.

How MyPay Works


Input Details

Add a few simple details like the place that you work and where to send your money.

Get Paid Now

MyPay sends eligible earnings straight to your bank account on-demand when you need it.

Repay Effortlessly

You get paid normally, and borrowed money is repaid automatically from your next paycheck.

Simple Pricing Options


Just like an ATM


MyPay subscription

Why We Are Building MyPay

"There have been times where my rent was due just before my next paycheck. With MyPay, I could get the money I need immediately and avoid a $50 late fee for only $1.50."
Adrienne, 26, Teacher
"The MyPay process looks super easy. I just need to verify a few simple details to get access to the money I already earned from my job instead of waiting for my next payday."
Ben, 25, Customer Service Agent
"I used to rely on shady and expensive payday loans where a $100 loan ended up being $300 with interest. With MyPay, I’ll be able to get the money I need for just $1.50."
Carly, 35, Nurse's Assistant
"MyPay looks amazing! I will be able to get my paycheck in my account every single day instead of waiting for payday. It will be much easier to budget & save some money every month."
Titus, 30, Warehouse Fulfillment

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